Auto electronic burning scheme

Automobile market planning

With the increasing data density, equipment complexity and the number of devices in the car, it is very important to reduce the burning cost. In this new environment, in system, in circuit and on-line programming becomes inefficient,Internal and offline programming requires unparalleled efficiency to reduce the cost of each device,Consider the number of lines that an autopilot needs.100 times the F-35


Electronic systems, as a percentage of total vehicle cost per year

2.pngAcroview provides faster, better, and more profitable device programming

Fastest programming speed

Low cost socket design

Proven powerful automation platform

Universal support - all devices on a system

Time to market for new projects accelerated

Simple scalability - add more capacity as needed

Global services network provides local support

High speed programming

Acroview's main drive burners ap8000 and automation system adopt the latest integration technology, providing the industry's fastest programming speed for MCU, EMMC, NAND, nor and serial flash devices. Ap8000 is a real universal burner, which supports more than 60000 chips from different manufacturers. Acroview has software support teams in Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Taipei to meet the rapid needs of global customers;

What is the automation system

The automation system has as many as 9 burning sites and up to 72 independent socket cards to support mass production. Our vector engine coprocessor accelerates flash wave programming close to the theoretical limit of silicon design. The faster the device, the faster the burn. Our 3D vision options check the coplanarity, bend wire, pitch, width, diameter, spacing, and X / y errors of BGA, CSP, QFP, TSOP, SOIC, and j wire devices. Marking options laser marking and ink based conformation marking system. The software API interface can be connected to any MES system on the market, and strict inventory control, process management, data statistics and efficiency statistics can be realized in the burning process.


                                                                                    Automatic burning machine&Chip pin detection



realUniversal burner

Acroview provides true universal support - a solution that meets all device programming needs. A universal burner site can accommodate all devices, reducing the number of systems, sites, and sockets required. This saves money, training, complexity and floor space.


superior qualityBurning stand

The recording base provides the hardware interface between the device and the burner. They transmit high fidelity waveforms to burnable devices, ensuring very high first pass rates. Each individual socket card can be fully utilized and easily replaced to maintain full burn capability. Our burners are designed with counting times and yield functions to increase your production time, increase first pass rate and reduce replacement costs by up to 75%.

Nowadays, more and more cars canprogrammingsystem

Accident recorder, active interior noise suppression, active exhaust noise suppression, active suspension, active vibration control, active yaw control, adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlamp, airbag deployment, anti lock braking, automatic dimming mirror, automatic disconnection, automatic driving, blind spot detection, interior environment control, cylinder deactivation, digital turn signal, driver Warning monitoring, DSRC, electric steering, electronic stability control, electronic throttle, engine control, entertainment system, head up display, ramp hold control, idle stop / start, in car WiFi, instrument cluster, interior lighting, Lane correction, lane departure warning, navigation system, night vision, OBDII, parental control, park assist, parking system, power management, regenerative braking Remote control door lock, seat position control, safety system, semi-automatic driving, tire pressure monitoring, transmission control, voice / data communication, windshield wiper control

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