Universal AP8000
Universal AP8000
Universal AP8000
Universal AP8000
Universal AP8000
Universal AP8000

Universal AP8000

Summary:high performance
AP8000 is equipped with a newly designed industry's most advanced programming technology, with the fastest programming speed and precise pin drive circuit,
Achieve the highest programming quality and maximize your productivity efficiency.
Three working modes
1) USB connection mode. Communicate with local PC through USB2.0 port (high speed) to realize online control;
2) RJ45 online mode. Connect to the local area network through the network cable to realize local or remote PC communication and realize online control;
3) SD card offline mode. With its own keyboard, LCD display, removable memory (standard SD card), it can be run independently off-line, easy to operate, easy to expand, and most suitable for mass production on site. The project file (the quantity is only limited by the card capacity) is very convenient to create (you can create and copy to the SD card without being online).


IC support is very wide

Nor Flash/Nand flash, EMMC, EEPROM, EPROM, Micro-controller,

CPLD, CMOS PLD, FPGA, Anti-fuse and other customized chips.

Embedded high-speed FPGA

The fastest bandwidth can exceed 1.6Gb/Sec, and it supports programming at the maximum speed allowed by the IC.

Wider voltage range

Supports VCC/VCP/VPP devices with a wide range of 1.2V to 13.0V.

Advanced and precise pin drive technology

It can provide high-speed, stable and precise signals of IC original factory specifications, faster programming and higher yield.

Chip security guarantee mechanism

Built-in precision voltage self-calibration circuit to ensure that the voltage is within the preset accuracy at any time;

Self-diagnosis function diagnoses hardware failures at any time to ensure that the machine is in good condition; automatically

Check chip misplugging, reverse plugging and poor pin contact; check the chip ID code before operation.

Programmer protection

Perfect over-voltage, over-current and ESD protection functions to avoid damage to the programmer/programmer/programmer.

Green products

The real green environmental protection (power efficiency>90%) energy-saving programming equipment, without fan.

Setup operation is extremely simple

After arbitrarily selecting USB/RJ45/SD card connection, select the programming function (Program, Verify, Auto... etc.) to start.

Friendly and powerful software functions simplify operations, avoid errors and improve efficiency

1) Project. Various operations and settings of the user about the target device, including device model setting, programming files

The loading, configuration bit settings, batch commands, etc. are saved in the project file, and each time it runs, it enters the writing operation in one step

Effectively reduce the probability of misoperation.

2) Batch (Auto) command. Allow users to erase, check, program, verify, encrypt and other common command sequences as they like

Desiredly organized into a single command completed in one step.

3) Mass production mode. Detect the socket status, once the chip is detected and the operation is automatically started, no manual buttons are required.

Dynamic buffer. The data programmed for each chip can be different, and the software automatically completes data changes according to user requirements.

Including standard and customized serial number generator (such as MAC address, etc.).

5) Log files. Provide convenience for quality tracking.

6) Intellectual property protection function. SD card encryption, project file authority management and encryption, output restriction, remote control.

7) File format. Support almost all kinds of known file formats and have automatic file format recognition function.

8) Real-time status display. Very intuitive and real-time display and analysis of programming status and production statistics.

9) Custom algorithm. Accept user special functions and algorithm software customization

10) File mirroring management. Super powerful Image image management, including ECC, bad block processing, etc.

Device support

FLASH device:

Supports devices produced by all mainstream semiconductor manufacturers, including:

Atmel Hynix Macronix Micron Samsung Spansion Toshiba ... and many more!



NAND bad block management:

• Technology to skip bad blocks

• Other NAND Flash bad block management methods recognized by chip manufacturers


Atmel Cypress Freescale Infineon Microchip NXP Renesas Samsung ST Silicon Labs TI Toshiba... and many more!

Support all mainstream packages:


Common programming function options:

Program Read Verify Blank Check Illegal Bit Check Erase Secure PinContinuity Protec/UnProtect Autosense


Communication port

• RJ45 port

• USB port

Electrical requirements

• Working voltage: 110 to 240 VAC

• Power: 3 watts

• Frequency range: 50 to 60 Hz

Physical specifications

• Width: 16.0cm

• Length: 22.6cm

• Height: 6.9cm

• Weight: 2kg

Environmental requirements

• Ordinary office environment/power supply


• Working temperature: 0°C to +50°C

• Transport temperature: -4°C to +70°C

• Storage temperature: 0°C to +70°C


• Working humidity: up to 70%, no condensation

• Storage humidity: up to 80%, no condensation


• One year warranty for the whole machine

• Free software upgrades for life

Windows computer requirements:

• Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, or above

• Hard disk capacity: minimum 2 GB plus storage capacity for device data

• SD card slot (for task card, optional configuration)

• Network Interface

• USB interface

• CD ROM drive

• Serial or USB mouse

Standard parts:

1. One AP8000 host seat

2. A power cord

3. A USB 2.0 cable

4. One network cable

5. A driver CD

6. One user manual

7. A warranty card

8. A disclaimer


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