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On-board universal
On-board universal
On-board universal

On-board universal

Summary:The AP8000 universal programmer is an online programmer developed for customers who need to manufacture the board after chip placement. It supports various serial protocol devices; it is characterized by wide chip support, small size, fast speed and high reliability.
Automatic online universal, can build in multiple AP8000 universal at the same time, flexibly support multiple imposition and burning efficiency issues;





Angke AP8000 is a multi-purpose universal universal that supports online burning. A single device supports up to eight impositions at the same time. It greatly improves the burning efficiency and improves the burning beat. It is used in the automotive electronics industry and the home appliance industry. , Air-conditioning industry, medical electronics industry is very widely used, Onco also launched a variety of automatic universal AP8000, and also cooperated with many equipment manufacturers to make a variety of online programming solutions;


1. Superior performance---The system can choose 1~N connected devices, so that the work efficiency can be improved.

2. Intelligent operation---automatically complete the specified tasks in sequence: loading/positioning/burning/sorting/printing (working with an external printer)/unloading, using powerful software control

3. Multi-site programming --- Up to N workstations can simultaneously and asynchronously burn; when programming high-density memory, the waiting idle time of the device is minimized.

4. Fast and reliable, customized for high-speed production industrial environment

5. Time-saving and efficient, saving 30%~50% of programming cost

6. Support more than 10,000 kinds of chips, follow-up support for continuous development

7. Parallel programming is adopted, which has good compatibility; supports continuous programming, a single device can burn 8 connected boards at a time, and can be extended to multiple programming without the limitation of continuous programming, and multiple programming at the same time and many more;

8. Provide a good user communication interface

9. Support dynamic serial number burning

10. Universal: Use Onco's high-performance offline online universal universal AP8000 to burn.


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