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Understand the process of recycling and reuse of eMCP chips in one article

日期: 2020-01-30
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浏览次数: 5

Abstract: eMCP (eMMC+LPDDR3) 8GB / 8GB, the new material is currently quoted at US $6.30 (data from: China Flash Market website October 29th, 2019), and the price for the eMCP8GB+8Gb, industry with the same capacity recovery is about 18 RMB.


The life course of an integrated circuit chip is the process of turning sand into gold: the chip company designs the chip-the chip factory produces the chip-the closed test factory encapsulates and tests-the whole machine manufacturer purchases the chip for the whole machine production.


        The high-end chip design process and strict manufacturing and closed testing process are not the focus of this paper. We focus on the subsequent process of turning waste into treasure. 

        The author has been a programmer of functional mobile phones and smartphones for many years, and there have been previous friends to consult the software of QSC6010, QSC1110, MTK6515, MTK6572, and MTK6735. These have not been discontinued long ago. After in-depth understanding, it turns out that these are recycled CPU, like these classic 'Shenu', which are no longer legendary 'second-hand' materials, but may already be 'third-hand and fourth-hand' materials. Can only lament the chip industry's wafer manufacturing and closed test plant, the quality is particularly good, the number of recycling is also constantly superimposed;

1、 Huge storage market

        After further understanding, in fact, MCU recycling is only a small part of the recycling industry, and the larger market is the recycling of memory chips, because memory chips are very versatile, such as ddr1-ddr4, lpddr1-lpddr4, EMMC, EMCP, UFS, which are widely used in mobile phones, tablets, vehicles, industrial control and other industries. According to the insiders, the recycling market of memory chips It will not be smaller than the new material market. Now, except for the super brands who dare not use recycled materials, many small brands or white brand markets have become public secrets;

        Then how to ensure the reliability of these materials in the recycling market? After deep understanding, I think it is a good way. The yield can reach more than 98%. If the price is raised properly, the yield can reach 100%. The whole chain is as follows. This industry will be divided into several different groups;

1: Specialized in recycling motherboard equipment and washing out chip blanks company;

2: There are special companies in charge of ball planting;

3: The back end is responsible for Programmer test verification company;

4: A trading company responsible for selling recycled materials;

5: Main board design company using recycled materials;

6: White brand and small brand complete machine company;

The division of labor in the industry is relatively clear, and some companies recycle the main board directly to achieve the main board design and brand sales


2: Key links and technologies

        In these links, chip debonding and ball planting are jobs that need many years of experience. Because now many big brands, such as mobile phones, seal the glue on the chip for the reliability of the motherboard when some big brands ship, which also increases the difficulty of recycling. Ball planting is also a very important thing. First of all, we need to remove the residual solder balls and do a good job Corresponding steel mesh, brush solder paste and bead, and then pass through the furnace, which is also the guarantee of many quality;

3: Key equipment and automation equipment input - Application of burners and automation Programmer

    Program Programmer test is the key technology of many chip recycling companies. Now many recycling manufacturers have started to use automatic programmers. Onc Programmer are the main suppliers of Huawei, Midea and Foxconn Programmer equipment. At present, the main models are: general-purpose Programmer device AP8000 (PT100) and Full automatic burner IPS7000 (PH-A2000)


1: All EMMC or EMCP of AP8000 are made into a general program, which only needs to distinguish voltage and package, and does not need to distinguish brand and capacity. The Programmer automatically distinguish, which is very simple to use;


2: Ap8000 has very complete functions, which can do master analysis, master production and master copy. If master copy is used, the efficiency of burning is greatly improved. Many burners on the market use PC to transfer copy programs. If the program quantity is large, the bottleneck is not burning, but USB transfer;

Specially Programmer 28GB files of a vehicle project (with map) with Acroview's AP8000 Programmer, 8pcs programmer for 8 minutes in total, which is quite efficient.


3:AP8000 can configure many options for users, traversing all the special features of eMMC, after this test, basically can achieve the same effect as the original chip, specially made an in-depth understanding of Extended CSD, there are many options are OTP (can only be burned once), some customers with special requirements have requirements for some special ECSD, need to be singled out;



4: Large market price difference, providing a sustainable development platform for white brands and small brands

        We still need to return to the essence of business. Why are so many people willing to invest in this industry? Specifically, we need to know about the new EMCP (EMMC + lpddr3) 8GB + 8GB. The price of new materials is $6.3 (data from: China flash market website October 29, 2019). The price of EMCP with the same capacity recovery is usually around 18 yuan. Such a big price difference, a big brand or Super brands have a strong binding relationship with the supply chain. When small brands and white brands can't get good supplier resources and prices, recycled materials are a small breakthrough for these companies to survive in the market.

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