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Acroview reliable programmer expert

Founded in February 2013, Acroview Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise in 2016, and has obtained a number of software copyrights and patents. Its core personnel have rich experience in programming equipment research and development, manufacturing and service for more than 10 years, with world leading technology, and is committed to providing innovative programming solutions for customers Case and product. We are striving to make outstanding contributions to the reliability, security and intellectual property protection of programming devices. Acroview always firmly believes that the pursuit of quality and technology will make more and more electronic manufacturers choose Acroview as their reliable partner. New products will continue to be released. Please keep your attention.

Rich products and Solutions

Whether it is for online, offline, or online programming, or for a wide range of programmable devices, such as MCU, EPROM, EEPROM, nandflash, norflash, EMMC, CPLD,

CMOS PLD, FPGA, anti fuse and other customized IC, or package TSOP, CSP, SOIC, SSOP, BGA, TFBGA, FBGA, ubga, EBGA, QFP, etc

For TQFP, PLCC and pop semiconductor devices, Acroview provides mature and advanced programming solutions.


Higher performance capacity

Advanced and precise pin driving technology can provide high-speed, stable and accurate signals, and create excellent programming quality; the fastest programming and reading speed can exceed 200m bytes / s

In addition, the task download speed has been greatly improved, and the line can be changed quickly. Finally, FPGA can be optimized by field configuration when programming any IC. 


Software support is fast

Programming algorithm and other related support software is updated / added once a week, and released in time on the website for free download. Work closely with IC manufacturers and customers to support the latest IC as quickly as possible.


Local technical support

Acroview not only provides professional programmer products and programming solutions, but also has an experienced on-site support team, which can directly provide you with fast, professional and localized services.

With the long-term friendly cooperation with major IC manufacturers, we can continue to provide customers with good technical services.


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