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Acroview Your Reliable Programmer Professional  

Shenzhen Acroview Technology Co., Ltd. with the stock code of 873207 was establishd in February 2013. It had obtained multiitem software copyrights and patents that was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise as well as a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen in 2016. Our core personnel with more than 10 years of rich experience in programming development, manufacturing and service fields. We have world leading technology and committed to provide customers with innovative programming solutions and products. Efforts are being made to make outstanding contributions to the reliability, security and intellectual property protection of programming devices. We always believe that the pursuit of quality and technology will enable more and more electronics manufacturers to choose Acroview as their trusted partner. New products are continuously released, please keep your concerns.

Versatile Products and Solutions

Acroview is providing customers with mature advanced programming solutions in Off-line, PC-based,on-line and wildly used universal programmers. We support all programmable devices like EPROM,EEPROM, Flash EPROM, Micro-controller, CPLD, CMOS PLD, FPGA, Anti-fuse and other customized devices. The supported packages include TSOP, CSP, SOIC, SSOP, BGA, TFBGA, FBGA, uBGA, EBGA, QFP,TQFP, PLCC, PoP and so on.

Higher Performance and Output

Advanced pin driving technology to provide high-speed, stable and precise signals and yield in excellent programming quality;Capable of reading and writing to devices at speeds greater than 200 MBytes/second to reach at the unprecedented unite output;High-speed job download to enable fast line changeover;FPGA field configurable and optimizable in programming any device. 

Timely Device Support  

The software of programming algorithms updates weekly and is available for on-line download free of charge. Closely cooperating with IC manufacturers, Acroview is able to support the newly introduced devices at the fastest speed.

Local Support

In addition to the professional programming products and solutions, Acroview has an experienced field support team to provide speedy and professional local services to our customers. 

Our long-term close cooperation with device manufacturers ensures that we can continuously provide our customers with up-to-date and reliable technical services.  

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